Office Lunch & Food Delivery
Every Day of the Week

Finding a healthy and convenient lunch option on those too-busy-to-even-think work days is rough. Whether you’re skipping lunch altogether to make a deadline or you’ve just reached the end of your meal planning motivation, letting someone else handle it can be a welcome relief. Luckily, Cooking Papa is here to help and it all starts with office lunch delivery.

Fresh food

Offering authentic highest quality HongKong stylish food to our customers.

Happy, healthy employees

A proven, COVID-smart perk. Provide food your employees will love.

Any schedule

Fair prices and flexible scheduling that can fit any budget or need.

Corporate Lunch Delivery for Your Office

Need help planning your office meal delivery? Contact us at our Cooking Papa Catering help page and we can help you put together your order.

We’re here for you, when and where you need us. We continue to serve clean food through Drive-Up, Drive-Thru, and Contactless Delivery options, where available. Through mindful packaging, all to-go bags are sealed with a sticker to further protect your meal. For Contactless Delivery, be sure to tell us where we should leave your meal in the “Delivery Instructions” box.