A little warmth goes a long way
There are many people still struggling to get through this difficult time, and business faces the issue of shorthanded.

But we understand we are around because our neighbors support us, thus we will try what we can to provide back to local community, and continue to support non-profit organizations and community in anyway we can.

If everyone can put in a little effort, it will be a great help to the entire community!

23189 People

that we have help with by 7/1/2022

36 Organizations

that we have partnered with by 7/1/2022

Thanks our partners’ effort to the community!

We have partnered with

CSA Community Services Agency
Mountain View Police
AACI Asian Women’s Home
APA Family Support Service
Golden Heritage Living
Bowditch Middle School
HomeFirst -Sunnyvale Family Shelter
HomeFirst -Boccardo Reception Center (BRC)
HomeFirst -Trinity UMC Winter Shelter
Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen
Hope's Corner
We Hope
Family Supportive Housing
Downtown Streets Team Food Closet
River of Life Foundation
Palo Alto Palyers
Community Seva Inc
New Vine Community Church
San Bruno Chinese Church
Day Worker Center

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We can provide Lunch Boxes, Party Tray and discount meals, etc. No matter the size or budget or any special requirements, we will try our best to meet your needs!

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