A Little Love Goes a Long Way.


A Little Love Goes a Long Way.

We are grateful for the contineous support of non-profit organizations and local companies in our community and hope to contribute by our Daily Meals Program. Thanks for all the great people that puts extra effort to support our community. We committed ourselves  to serving fresh & healthy meals with passion and care.

Fresh and Healthy Meal Options for Any Groups

We can provide Lunch Boxes, Party Tray and discount meals, etc. No matter the size or budget or any special requirements, we will try our best to meet your needs!

We design a monthly set menu with multi balanced matches and provide low-sugar, low-salt and low-fat meals every day.

All our food will be well-packed and warm-delivered. It would be more convenient for the volunteers to run food distribution, or for the office to enjoy lunch break.

We cater special combos, especially during festivals. We hope to bring surprising lunches to community and bring more festival joy and love.

30,000+ Meals

that we have help with by 03/01/2023

30+ Organizations

that we have partnered with by 03/01/2023

Thanks our partners’ effort to the community!

We have partnered with

Community Seva
Peninsula Food Runners
Chinese Church in Christ
Curry Care Center
Christ Church of the Bay Area
San Jose Chinese Alliance Church
Safe & Sound
Good Shepherd Christian Church
Mission Bio Inc
J.C. Metal Specialists, Inc.
Hope's Corner
We Hope
Family Supportive Housing
Downtown Streets Team Food Closet
River of Life Foundation
San Bruno Chinese Church
Day Worker Center

Address: 66 21st Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403

Call Us: (408) 516-1406

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