Cooking Papa has been well known as the Authentic Hong Kong style restaurant around the Bay Area. Apart from delicious Hong Kong cuisine, we commit ourselves to:

1.Using fresh local ingredients, reducing carbon emission during transportation, and supporting low carbon and environmental economy.

2. Food safety and food supply chain is what we value the most, including temperature control during food transportation, food storage condition monitored by software and hardware, ingredients temperature control before cooking, kitchen sanitation monitoring during cooking, and restaurant sanitation during dining. Our employees have a complete workflow system to monitor the entire process, our loyal employees will implement the system in order to ensure a clean environment and clean alternative for you.

3.We will let Cooking Papa’s new brand can provide safer, healthier, and better service to every customer, and establish an industry model for modern Chinese restaurants in the Chinese community through new standards of safe and environmentally friendly Chinese food service.

Address:390 Swift Ave #13,
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Call Us: (650) 763-1989

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