【Donation -2021-05】

With many people still struggling to get through this difficult time, we are trying our best to help more people.

In the past two months, we have worked with #LifeMoves, #DowntownStreetsTeamFoodCloset, and #HomeFirst to donate food to people in need. Our colleagues were so glad to prepare wonderful delicious food for those organizations, so we can help people who don’t have a lot of access to food, have some food to survive. Also, we were grateful to these organizations for helping the community! Their mission really benefits people so much that we want to be apart of this opportunity! 

Here is what each of the organizations do:

#LifeMoves and #HomeFirst were connected to shelters. So we (Cooking Papa) cooperate with them to donate food to the shelters.

#DowntownStreetsTeamFoodCloset is a small food bank. It usually distributes food at the warehouse on Wednesday and people in need can come there and get food.

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